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Boil Treatment in New York for Removal of Cysts

Boils/ Infected Cysts

A boil, or skin abscess, is a common infection deep within the skin.  Boils can be caused by ingrown hairs, acne, cysts, or skin breaks that become infected with bacteria.  Usually, a boil will start as a red, tender area that eventually becomes firm and filled with pus.  The resulting abscess can become very swollen and even painful.  Although some boils may drain on their own, many require medical attention.

Call to make an appointment if:
A boil becomes painful
A boil does not drain completely
A boil develops in sensitive areas like the buttocks
You develop multiple boils
You develop a fever
You are taking medications, such as prednisone, that suppress the immune system
You have an underlying medical condition like diabetes or cancer

Dr. Seidenberg treats boils regularly in his New York office.  Most boils can be treated with a simple lance and drain procedure (after the area is anesthetized with an injection of numbing medicine).  Draining the abscess is actually more important and more effective than just taking antibiotics.  The pus will be sent to a laboratory for a culture to best determine further treatment.  In some cases, Dr. Seidenberg will also prescribe antibiotics to help treat the infection. 

While all procedures carry some risk and uncertainty, the treatment of boils is normally safe when performed by a qualified, experienced dermatologist.  Dr. Seidenberg will meet with you to assess your boils and discuss your options for treatment, including any possible side affects you may experience.  Request an appointment online or call today to set up a consultation with Dr. Seidenberg.

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