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Embarrassment can cause you to blush.  Fear can turn your skin pale.  It’s long been recognized that the mind can have a physical effect on the body, particularly when it comes to your skin.  Unfortunately, these important concepts are largely ignored by American physicians (while embraced by European colleagues).  Dr. Seidenberg believes that, in certain cases, dermatologists must be able to look beyond physical symptoms to address a patient’s condition from a different perspective.  Understanding the mind-body connection is the basis for psychosomatic dermatology.

Psychosomatic dermatology is not acupuncture or homeopathy.  It does not mean that symptoms are “only in the mind.”  It’s important to understand that while the mind may have initiated the onset of the condition, the symptoms are real, physical changes that occur in the body.  For example, while anxiety or stress might cause someone to break out in hives, the hives themselves are real physical symptoms that can be treated.  Looking at the patient as a whole, Dr. Seidenberg can enhance the treatment of a patient’s physical symptoms with an understanding of the underlying mind-body causes in order to improve the patient’s overall health. 

While Dr. Seidenberg treats physical symptoms with traditional measures, for patients’ who are interested he also takes an educational approach to helping patients understand how a mind-body connection may be indicated in certain cases.  Often, just understanding the connection can help break the cycle of a psychosomatically induced condition.  Dr. Seidenberg trained under Dr. John Sarno, and works with Dr. Sarno and his psychologists for interested patients.  He has lectured extensively on this subject at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, the NYU Advances in Dermatology Meeting, and The Harvard Club.  If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Seidenberg can help you address the psychosomatic components of your condition, Request an appointment online or call today to set up a consultation.

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  Dr. Seidenberg in Dermatology Times Magazine June 2009   Dr. Seidenberg - Cosmetic Surgery Times


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